ConnectCarolina Newsletter  |  March 26, 2014  


Early October Transition to ConnectCarolina


The transition to ConnectCarolina will not be as simple as flipping a switch. A large number of individual tasks will have to be executed over several weeks to transition from legacy systems to Connect Carolina.

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Chartfields Webinar & Town Hall Online

Recordings of a new Chartfields webinar and the recent ConnectCarolina Town Hall are now available online.

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Why Now? Why ConnectCarolina?

The October expansion of ConnectCarolina to include Finance and HR/Payroll will replace more than two dozen legacy systems with a single software.  The integration of multiple business functions into ConnectCarolina is a major change for the University -- and one with some definite advantages.

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What's On Your Mind?

ConnectCarolina means lots of changes for faculty, staff and students. Use the form on this page to submit your questions, ideas, concerns or feedback about ConnectCarolina. We want to know what’s on your mind, so we can help you transition to and use this new system.


Testing Stats Show Progress

Director of Academic Personnel Gwen Burston tests ConnectCarolina along with Mike Mathews, a School of Medicine personnel manager who is "on loan" to the project.

Project team staff and business owners are converging on “testing central” in the ITS Manning building to test all the pieces of ConnectCarolina and how the pieces work together.

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Timeline: Path to Go-Live

Find out what we're working on now and what's coming up on the path to go-live; view the ConnectCarolina Finance and HR/Payroll Timeline.

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